-The Eternal Now-

Each and every moment we stand on the threshold of the future as well as the threshold of the past.   If you look behind you, there is an eternity called the past.  If you look in front of you there is an eternity called the future.  But the only true reality is what we call The Now – the present moment.  As we reach towards and touch this timeless realm, what we call the past, present and future collapse into the Eternal Now.

The events you lived through in the past were once present moments in their own time.  But what are they to you now?   Now they exist only as memories, which fade overtime like a watercolor in the rain.  So, the past no longer exists for us and all we are left with is a faint remembrance of the events that occurred.   And really what is the difference between your memories of past events and your memories of your nightly dreams?  Is there really any difference?  One might claim the events of the past “really happened”.  Yes, past events really occurred in the three-dimensional material world in the past.  But the point is for you now, the memory of them is no different than the memory you have of your dreams, which you will claim did not really happen.  Why is that?   You can retrieve the memory of the past events and the memory of your dreams, but only into the present moment you exist in now.   The only true reality is The Now – the present moment.

Is it possible to go back in time and change past events and thus alter the future like in the Science Fiction movies?  At the same time an event is imprinted into our memory it is instantaneously imprinted into what is called the Cosmic Memory – what they call The Akashic Records in the East.   The Akasha is what others have called the Ethereal. The nature of this super-substance is that it records or imprints everything that has ever happened on Earth and in the worlds beyond.  So, it is possible for those that know how to raise their consciousness high enough to contact these records, rewind time as it were and see past events that have been recorded there.   And what they report is that the recordings of past events are just that – recordings.  Recordings cannot be changed.   For example, if you record a friend playing a piece of music on a guitar and he or she makes a mistake and plays off key, the mistake is permanently recorded.  You cannot go back in time and change the fact that they made the mistake.  Every time you play the recording back the mistake will always be there.   It is the same with the recording of all past events.  They exist now only in the Cosmic Memory or in people’s memory.  So those fiction stories about going back in time and changing past events to alter future outcomes are just that – fiction stories.     We cannot nor ever will ever be able to, for example, go back and kill baby Hitler and prevent the Jewish Holocaust.

Also, the events you will live through in the years to come, will and can only be experienced in the present moment of their own time.  So, what are future events to you now?  What you call the future is nothing more than shadows of possible outcomes that are based on current events that occur in the present moment.  For example, you may enter college and start studying for a medical degree.  As you work and study for that degree that creates a possible outcome that one day you will graduate and become a doctor.   But this is only a shadow of a potential outcome.  It is not 100% for sure you will become a doctor.  However, the circle of probability of you ending up as a doctor if you continue your current course of study becomes higher each day.   And yet, before that becomes a reality you may meet someone, fall in love, get married and drop out of school.  Or during your course of medical studies you may become more interested in Pharmaceuticals and change your orientation from being a Doctor of Medicine and become a Doctor of Pharmacy.  There are many, many circles of future probabilities that lie in front of each of us. And it is by our choices and actions in the present moment that determines which of those probabilities will unfold for us.  How you think, feel, speak and act today is sowing the seeds of the harvest you will reap tomorrow. This means our future is being created in each and every present moment.  So again, the only reality and the only thing we really have is The Now – the present moment.

As we said before our life now on earth only truly exists in the present moment.  Looking at the past, there is a whole eternity in time behind us.  All we really know is the present moment: that we exist here and now.  We are living now, and we know that for sure.  This logically raises the question how it would be possible for us to be here now in life now if we did not exist before (we speak of reincarnation here).  Also, in this present moment, there is a whole eternity of time in front of us as the future.  What will we be in that eternity?   Will we become non-existent?   If we are to become non-existent, then how is it that we are here today in the present moment?  What will we be in 1000 years from today?   Can you imagine what you will be like in 1000 years from today?

Assume you lived in a previous incarnation 1000 years ago and someone asked you the same question.  Could you imagine yourself today and the way you are living now in the 21st century?  It would be the same for you.  1000 years ago, you would only know how you were living in the present moment of the 11th century.  In your wildest dreams, you would never be able to imagine yourself as you are today and the modern way you are living now.  So, ask yourself. “What Have I Been in all those past 1000 years”?   All the past events in that 1000 years were once present moments.  But what is a present moment now will in a minute be past, and in one minute from now the future will become the present moment.   So, we are under this illusion of time that makes us see the Present Moment, the Eternal Now as past present and future.  Maybe instead of calling it an illusion, let’s call it a dream.  However, for us now it is a dream that we consider as the only reality.

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