Wake up Prince!

-Waking Up from the Ilusion-

There once was a very good King, who ruled his Kingdom with wisdom and love. The King lived in a beautiful palace and in that palace, there were many workers who served the King and helped run the Kingdom. Also living in the palace was the King’s son – the Prince. The workers in the palace lovingly served the Prince and his needs too.

One day the young Prince was looking out the palace window when he saw a beggar for the first time. The Prince called one of the palace workers and asked who that decrepit man was. The worker explained that not all in his father’s Kingdom had enough food or money and had to beg for sustenance from those who did. The Prince became sad to think that people in his father’s prosperous realm had to beg for food and it disturbed his peace greatly.

After the Prince had fallen asleep that night, he had a nightmare. He dreamed he was a beggar with dirty, tattered clothes living homeless in the streets. He was dreaming that he was starving, and no one would give him food. The Prince tossed and turned in his bed repeatedly crying out loud: “I am poor, I am hungry, please feed me.” Over and over he cried out until the workers in the King’s palace heard his cries and ran to help him. When they entered his bedroom, the Prince was still in a frightful state and kept crying out from his nightmarish dream that he was a hungry beggar. The workers rushed to his bedside and all called out: “Wake up Prince!”


In this allegory the good King of course represents God, the King’s Kingdom represents the worlds of existence and the King’s workers are all the Archangelic orders that work for God and Humankind. The King’s son, the Prince, represents the human beings, who are indeed offspring of God but slumbering in illusion. And this is the state that humankind has fallen into, living their lives in the illusion of lack and separation. And it does not make a difference whether we are absorbed in waking-dreams of unimportance or self-importance. In fact, those under the blinding burden of a superiority complex may find it harder to wake from that illusion than someone who feels the illusion of inferiority. Either way, we are mistakenly accepting our self-created dreams as the true reality. So how do we wake up from shabby dreams of lack and illusion, come to our senses and find perfection in our true identity?

Now notice how in the above story the workers addressed the King’s dreaming son by his true identity – the Prince. They did not go to him and say, “Wake Up Hungry Beggar”. Instead they called “Wake up Prince” to arouse him from the illusion that he was a starving beggar. The King’s workers never lost sight of the Prince’s true identity. Likewise, Archangels have not lost sight of our true identity either. They see and hold us in their perfect meditation as we always have been, how we are now, and how we will always be: an offspring of the Almighty.

We will not get very far as a spiritual or worldly beggar. We will not make much progress in the material world or the spiritual world with the notion that we are weak, helpless, outcasts. And even when we glimpse and align a little bit with our higher nature, we become greatly empowered and our illusions start to fade like a watercolor in the rain. So, our effort to unfold spiritually requires the dis-identification of our sense of Self from the weaknesses we find in our temporary personality-self. And this misidentification is to be replaced by seeking and uncovering our real Spirit-Soul Self-identity. In doing this, we shift our focus from the incalculable number of fragmented illusions masquerading as truth, to the oneness of the real and wake from our limiting dreams of separation and find real peace.

Unfortunately, we do not realize the magnitude of this misidentification of our temporary personality self with our Real Self – our glorious Divine Nature. This egoism sponsored error of mistaking our Self, with the strengths and weaknesses found in our temporary personality-self is our big mistake. This single mistake, this one miscalculation, spawns the creation of our illusionary psycho-noetic shell worlds, which are very long lasting and densely populated by all the Elementals (thought-forms) (good or bad) we harbor and project. By this single erroneous perception, we begin by unknowingly substitute the false for the real. And then we make great effort over the course of our life trying to prove the false is real. This is a wrong and fruitless approach. It is like saying to the sleeping prince – “wake up hungry beggar!” The beggar can not wake up. The beggar is the dream and not the dreamer. Only the dreamer can be awakened. Or we could say this is like a young mathematician who starts out with the premise that 2 + 2 = 5. He can spend his whole life working on a mathematical formula that proves 2 + 2 = 5 and never be successful. So as seekers of truth it is necessary to replace the incorrect perception that we are a weak hungry beggar.  And replace it with our own direct experience that we are, always have been and always will be God’s dearly loved child. Whether we behave good or bad; we are still God’s beloved child and that truth can never change.

And we are so beloved that God even allows us to create our error enriched dream worlds and become completely enchanted with them. Why? Of course, it is based on the first gift of the creator – free will. But also, just as we use our self-created dreams to stay asleep and even hide from God; God will, eventually use those very same self-created dreams to wake us up. For example, if our dreams contain strong unnecessary desires and those desires cannot be fulfilled at this time, we suffer. And when a Researcher of Truth suffers, it draws them closer to God. It draws them closer as they seek the truth of their suffering – its real underlying cause and how to correct it. This replaces the suffering wrought by our illusions with the comfort of a more accurate sense of reality. And even if our self-created dream worlds contain good healthy desires which do manifest in our life; we must remember they exist in time and space and thus will one day pass away from us. This loss of what we desire and temporarily “have” can also bring suffering which understood rightly will wake us to the truth: That in the absolute sense, what changes is not real and what is real does not change. For what truth seekers are really seeking is the realization of their true Identity. This true Identity, our innermost Self; is complete, perfect and changeless…free from the limits found in the worlds of time, space and place.

In many people a tremendous effort made to “achieve their goals” in life, or to “have it their way”. By “their way”, I mean the desires and aims of their egoism. And the anxiety we experience in life over such things is the price we pay for wanting it “our” way. As the temporary personality self is cleaned and uplifted, we soon realize that the desires and aims of our egoism is not really “our” way after all. In fact the “ways” of our egoism are directly opposed or in tangent to the way and will of our Soul Self Awareness. As we shift our sense of identity from the ever-changing masks of egoism to our true face of Soul-Self Awareness, we start to realize that “our real way” is in truth God’s way. When we align with His way for us, anxiety, fear and doubt are silenced and replaced with the surety of our Soul-Self Awareness and its place within Absolute Beingness -God.

It is absolutely true that we are Soul Self Awareness. And as Self Awareness, we are within and interpenetrated by the Absolute Infinite SELF AWARENESS of God. But since we do not fully understand what that means, that information doesn’t help us much. Direct Experience is necessary. And to have direct awareness of our Soul-Self, we practice certain exercises to accelerate the upliftment and assimilation of our little self-awareness with our Soul-Self Awareness. Certain meditations and exercises found in The Exoteric Practices, Gates to The Light books as well as the lead meditations on CD will lead us into. In the beginning it is our earthly self that tries to meditate. And even if we as a personality gain much skill at meditation, we can only go so high meditating as a personality. To reach higher and higher states of consciousness requires the dropping of our identification with our personality. It is like a rocket trying to escape the earth’s gravitational pull and enter into the weightlessness of deep space – there is a resistance, a pull exerted by earth’s gravity. Similarly, in meditation there is a gravitational-like pull exerted by the weighty egoism of our earthly focused personality. And we should not think of our egoism as a minor distraction to our aims. The devilish egoism never sleeps. It takes note of our thoughts, feelings, desires and watches for ways to undermine our good efforts in life by using our own weaknesses. It is truly like a hungry lion on the hunt, looking for the opportunity to devour someone. Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.


I encourage everyone to write a book called “Lies my egoism has told me” and fill the pages with insights into the deceptive practices of their own egoism. And we will end up with a book with many, many pages to hold all the lies – for the lies told by our egoism are fragmented and countless while the Truth of God is indivisible. Insights into the lies our egoism is telling us and the lies we believe, will come through our regular practices of Observation and Introspection. We must use these practices daily to seek out the ways our egoism has confused us, made us doubt ourselves, and misdirected us. By Observation and Introspection we can discover how egoism shamelessly masquerades as an angel of light, presents partial lies as whole truths, sows internal & external seeds of division, and does everything in its power to prevent us from waking from the cosmic dream and realizing the truth: That we are truly a Prince/Princess with a real inheritance from God.


Wake up Princes and Princess and claim your Divine inheritance!

Love to all,



From the Stoa Lessons by Daskalos:

“Everybody feels that he is something more than the Present-Day Personality he or she is calling myself! This we can find out by expressing our real nature and by studying the expressions of our egoism. What are the expressions of our egoism? All the time changing, and changing, and changing, never feeling satisfied, thirsty of desires, emotions, excitements. This is the nature of egoism of a personality of anyone, a man or a woman. Yet, what is our real nature which we must see and express in reality? The will. The will power. The ability of studying cases, learning things and coming to conclusions! From the very first moment there is a clash between what you call reason, which in reality is our inner Self (the Soul) and our expressions of the Present-Day   Personality with its desires, intentions and purposes in life. At that moment we realize we are not the egoism. But, how do we reach and strengthen in us what we call the will power? Deciding to exercise concentration and meditation. To meditate on what is really puzzling us, study it, know the truth behind it, and reach decisions. And that is a point in fact. “Yes, really now, I am not that expression I call the egoism, which I thought was myself. And I am not all those weaknesses ‘myself’ as a personality was expressing. My self is something different. More reasonable, logical. More powerful – being able to exercise the will power.” Now, our egoism (our personality), is it not expressing the will power? No! What it expresses is obstinacy and stupidity – not the will power. So, we make the mistake to think that we have a strong will by expressing obstinacy. That is the word – obstinacy, but that is not the will power because the will power is to reach logical conclusions and make decisions – which we may succeed [at,] after mastering Concentration. Concentration, what does it mean – concentration? [Concentration means] To be able to fix our attention. What is our attention? [Our attention is] awareness of our self, in a certain period of time, without being led here and there by the egoism or by our sub-consciousness. So, that is exercising our will power. And then, after we are sure that we became masters of concentration, we may start Meditation. “


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