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The Seven Princes

-The Archangelic Orders-

When a pure ray of white light passes through an optical prism, the light is bent in such a way that separates it into the seven colors of the visible spectrum. (Spectrum is from the Latin language and means “appearance”). So we see the seven colors of light appear from within the white light by means of a prism. The prism did not create the seven colors. The prism only causes the inherent colors within the white light to appear.

 Similarly, steams of everlasting Spirit Life-Light from, God, passes through the prism of His Will-Pleasure and the seven archangelic orders appear. Like the colored light, these glorious Archangels have not been created. They appear when rays of Spirit Life-Light enter the prism of God’s Will-Pleasure and pass through one of the Archetypes within the Divine Plan. In this case, these particular rays of Spirit pass through the Archangelic Archetype, which classifies them into specific Archangelic orders. The most well known to man are the Archangels of the Elements. These Creator Archangels use the Laws, Causes, Principles and Ideas contained in the Noetic State (state of oneness beyond the worlds of existence) as they create the worlds of existence and everything in them. These seven orders are known to us as the Michaels (Maha-Els), Gabriels (Kha-vir-Els), Raphaels (Ra-pfa-Els), Uriels (Yiu-Ra-Els) , Kha-ma-Els, Ra-mi-Els & Yiopfaels. Their names have not been given to them by man. Their names are the actual sounds made by their vibrations. And the esoteric practices offered by our system of research will train a sincere seeker on how to make direct contact with certain orders of these Archangels. These Logoic (Self-Aware)  and Holy Spiritual Beings (Super-Conscious) are also known as the “Seven Princes” by other systems of research. With total wisdom, love and power, they create and extend themselves into the worlds of existence through the Logos and Holy Spirit without losing their oneness with the Divine.

The prime colors of the visible spectrum are: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange

and Red.   Of course, this visible spectrum is only a small portion of light that is detectable by our material eyes. There is a vast range of light vibrations that is not visible to the human eye. Light vibrations higher than violet (ultraviolet, gamma rays, x rays and more), which are not registered by the human eye are considered by us to be darkness. Light vibrations lower than red (infra-red: heat and even lower vibrations), which are not registered by the human eye are considered by us to be darkness.

These Almighty Archangels drawing on the Mind Super-Substance create boundless, immeasurable space within themselves and within Absolute Beingness to work in. In creating the worlds of existence within space, they work with the Divine Laws, Causes and Principles of the Pure Ideas and in deep Super Conscious meditation materialize the six lower heavens as well as the countless living forms found in these worlds.

What are the seven heavens?

From the viewpoint of existence these heavens are:

  1. The Material Plane which includes our planet, our solar system, all the other solar systems, our galaxy and all the other innumerable galaxies in the universe of three-dimensional space.
  2. The Etheric Double of the material plane, which is an ethereal counterpart of matter and composed of ethereal substance (energy of the body).
  3. The Psychical Planes (the fourth dimension) with their seven divisions, each with its seven sub-divisions. (These divisions are distinguishable ranges of vibration and not divisions in three dimensional spaces.)
  4. The etheric double of the Psychical Planes, which are ethereal counterparts to the psychical planes and composed of finer ethereal substance.
  5. The Noetical Planes (the fifth dimension) with their seven divisions, each with its seven sub-divisions (These divisions are distinguishable ranges of vibration and not divisions in three dimensional spaces.)
  6. The etheric double of the Noetical Planes, which are ethereal counterparts to the noetical planes and composed of even finer ethereal Substance.

These first six are the mundane heavens as they are the temporal worlds of existence, which means they are changing all the time. Existence means these worlds have been created, exist for a time, and in some distant future will cease to exist. These luminous heavens have been created using the eternal, immutable Divine Laws. These unerring Divine Laws are permanent but the mundane heavens are not. Or as Joshua Immanuel (Jesus) the Christ declared: “… it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle* of the law to fail.” It was earth, the other mundane heavens and the Divine Laws that Joshua was referring to in this statement. [tittle * – A very small part or quantity; a particle, jot]

  1. The Seventh Heaven is different than the other mundane heavens. It is composed of formless Super-Substance. It is Divine – eternal – permanent. The seventh heaven is the Noetic State, the home of the unchangeable Divine Laws, Causes, and Principles. This heaven is beyond dualistic concepts. This heaven transcends the polarity of good and evil completely.

But even those advanced ones who have experienced this high seventh heaven still cannot describe it to those who have not. This fundamental problem is like that of the small aquatic tadpole that has lived his whole life in water encountering a frog. The frog was once a tadpole that transformed into a frog and escaped the limits of water and can now live on dry land. But how can a tadpole that has only known the water possibly understand dry land without experiencing it? And how could a frog ever give a meaningful description of dry land to the tadpole that has only known water? So too, how could a Self-Realized master ever describe the reality of a heaven of formless Life to those who only understand life as it temporarily exists in living forms? And how could a personality confined in the worlds of duality ever meaningfully comprehend a formless world without opposites? It is just not possible.

A prime characteristic of all these heaven worlds is light, varying degrees of luminosity. The light of the brightest day in the sunniest locality on earth is dim by comparison to the light of the higher heavens. And the degrees of this luminous Life-Light of the heavens, also seven in number, give to the living forms of life in these heavens the various states of consciousness: Sensibility, Sensitivity, Instinct, Sub-consciousness, Consciousness, Self-Consciousness and Self-Super Consciousness. Correspondingly there are the shadows of the light or the so-called seven veils of darkness of the Fallen Ones. As the light has varying degrees of luminosity, the veils of darkness have varying degrees of obscurity. However, darkness is not real in the absolute sense; it is a phenomenon and exists only in the relative worlds of duality. Darkness and shadows of any kind are created only when we have something blocking the light. This is true whether it is material light or spiritual light. The proof of this is verifiable. Consider an ancient undiscovered tomb, unopened for several thousands of years. For millennia the inside of that tomb has been in absolute darkness in terms of visible material light. Yet open that tomb to the sunlight and the darkness within immediately disappears. Where did the darkness go? It did not ‘go’ anywhere; it just ceased to exist the moment the tomb door that blocked the light was removed. So too, when we experience times of spiritual darkness, feeling separated and cut off from our Self and its source, there is something that has comes between us as personalities and the light of truth. In these times the sun of truth has not been destroyed; it has only been temporarily eclipsed by something. Can we call that ‘something’ a misperception? – illusion? – Ignorance [an ignoring of the truth]?

Where exactly are the seven heavens?  Here. The first heaven is literally right here. It is the earth and the entire material plane. It is the physical universe with all the planets, suns and galaxies none of which touch each other physically. When, however, we look upon very troubled localities on earth today, it does not look like they could be considered part of any heaven. They appear more like a hell and they are. This is not because of what the Archangels have made of the earth it is because of what man has made of the earth. And man is doing the same thing in certain localities on the Psychical Planes too.

The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth heavens are also here. Here in the sense that each succeeding heaven interpenetrates and extends beyond the previous ones to an extent. For example the third heaven is the psychical planes. The psychical counterpart of our earth interpenetrates earth and extends thousands of miles beyond the circumference of our planet. Yet the psychical counterpart of earth does not touch the psychical counterparts of the other planets in our solar system. The fifth heaven is the noetical planes. The noetical counterpart of our earth however, does touch the noetical counter parts of the other planets in our solar system. And where is the seventh heaven? There is nowhere that it is not. All of creation, all of the heavens, are suspended within, interpenetrated by, and sustained via the perfect Noetic State, which is everywhere.

But there is an even deeper mystery about ‘where’ the kingdoms of the heavens are located. Once when Joshua was asked about it He replied: “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” Within us? Where within us? Within our physical body? Within our personality? As a personality we find our self, living on earth, the first of the seven heavens. But in our Divine Nature, our Spirit-Soul Self, all these heavens are living in us. This is the great mystery and the great truth of it. The above statement by Joshua confirms that all this glorious light filled kingdoms are in each and every one of us – no one is excluded. This means that each and every one of us can approach these kingdoms and we have the latent ability to enter them.

Now the work of these Archangelic orders in their kingdoms does vary considerably between each of these heavens and between each of our bodies (material, psychical and noetical). All the Archangels great works are under the supervision of the Holy Spirit (the dynamical expression of God). The work of the Archangel Raphael concerns electromagnetic forces of the etheric element: the so-called “Fifth Element”. Raphael’s work on the material plane in our material bodies is a very, very complex work. Every movement of our body voluntary or involuntary, every thought, feeling, sight, sound, smell, taste and tactile sensation is made possible by the tiny electromagnetic impulses in our body’s nervous system, which is a function of the etheric element of Raphael’s domain. But when our material body dies and we pass over to the psychical planes of existence and find ourselves in a psychical body; we no longer need to see with eyes or hear with ears because in this heaven we can “see”, “hear” and “know” with every particle of our psychical body. Without the need for complex physical mechanisms to move, see, hear and think; Raphael’s work is much simpler in the psychical worlds than it is in the material world.

And when we say Raphael, we are really referencing the entire order of Raphaels since they are a unified system of beings and not a race of differing individuals like the human race. The knowledge, abilities and work vary greatly between the different members of the human race. But the knowledge, ability and work of one Raphael is exactly the same as any of the billions and billions of other Raphaels composing this Archangelic order. What one Raphael can do all Raphaels can do. What one Raphael knows, all Raphaels know. And this is true for all the Archangelic orders. So each Archangel is feeling the same as every other one from its order because the Archangelic consciousness is united as one. Simultaneously they also enjoy absolute oneness with God. They have not separated themselves in illusion from God like the Fallen-Ones and humankind has done. Do not think of these Archangelic orders as abstract or aloof from humankind and the worlds we live in. No, an Archangel from each of the seven orders and others are constantly active and ceaselessly working in our bodies from the moment of our humanization and throughout each and every subsequent incarnation.

Crossing the threshold of manifestation of Absolute Be-ness to the Absolute Beingness (un-manifested God to manifested God), we find in the Beingness the immortals – Eternal, Spirit, Ego-Beings expressing themselves. They are Infinite in their number and incomprehensible in their Divine Nature. Endowed with Total Love, Total Wisdom and Total Power; the potent expressions of those who appear as the Creator Archangels extend from Beingness into the lowest of the mundane heavens.

These are great, great truths, but to comprehend them we must enter the silence [quiet down the emotions and still the thoughts entirely] to contemplate and meditate on them deeply. And we must go even further; beyond meditation and enter into the meaning of these truths directly by the means of attunement, which leads to At-One-Ment with the particular subject of our investigation.

Love to all,


From the Stoa Lessons by Daskalos:

“The Son of God, Joshua Immanuel the Godman, humanized and incarnated directly as man and as God, came to testify the truth about the seven Heavens and, of course, He described them to His disciples and to the others. In His time, He made a full description of these worlds. But, who could just write about them and make people understand? And with what words? How did Joshua Immanuel succeed to impress His listeners, especially His disciples, disciple-healers and the others to know about these worlds, the Heavens? Of course, it is ridiculous just to speak about the seven Heavens without proving their existence and showing how to approach them. But, of course, these things need study, analysis, and finding it out. Studying and believing blindly means nothing! Studying it, knowing it, and living it means much. Now God, expressing and manifesting Its Will/Pleasure to create a human being, said to the Holy Archangels of the Elements, to the seven orders of the Archangels, ‘Let us create man, to the image and according to our likeness.’ Create? So, the human being is a creature, but, with a particularity now, ‘to our image and according to our likeness.’ That means to be a god. To be a god, even as a human being. And so, the Holy Archangels, the Lords of the Elements and the Holy Father created the human being calling him Adam – a human being in the image and likeness of God. And so, these Holy Archangels co-vibrated the Will/Pleasure of God and created the human being. I repeat, ‘to the image and according to the likeness of God’ – not less. And what did the Godman gave us as an instruction and a persuasion? ‘Be ye perfect as perfect is your Heavenly Father.’ Very enlightening words. “


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