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Respect & Interdependence

July, 21, 2020

In this webinar Daniel will speak on the important reasons why we need to respect all other human beings. It does not matter what their level of expression is.

What matters is to learn how to see the god in all.


June, 21, 2020


What’s the difference?


May, 21, 2020

We will show how the Book of Revelations, by Saint John, is more than just a guide to prophesied outer events but also a guide to the inner spiritual initiation.

We will also speak about the purpose and plan behind these prophesied events which are an initiation, not just for Christians, but for the entire human race and the temple of this initiation is the world itself.

Elementals PART 2

April, 21, 2020

We will speak more about the Coronavirus, its implications and how to create proven spiritual protection from it. We will also speak about the Panic Pandemic associated with it which is spreading faster than the biological virus. And much more details will be given on the Mind Viruses called elementals that is driving this Panic Pandemic.

Elementals PART 1

March, 21, 2020

In the midst of this Panic Pandemic we must stay calm until it passes. And it will pass!

We really don’t know the whole truth, because governments and media do not know either. This is because no country has the ability to test large numbers of their population. So can the data collected lead to reliable conclusions?

This webinar is on the mind viruses called elementals and biological viruses which have the same life cycle. And you will learn why Daskalos declared “A Researcher of Truth does not have to be afraid of germs and viruses!”

Entering the Centers of Consciousness & the Centers of Self- Awareness in Us

Feb, 21, 2020

In this video, we will be speaking about the many Centers of Etheric Vitality (chakras) in the Etheric Double (energy field) of our material body. But which ones should we work on and how can we safely approach  them to produce the best results?

New Beginnings Creating the Power & Purpose for a Better Life

Jan, 21, 2020

Listen as we discuss how our Real Self, the Spirit Soul Self is without a beginning or an end.  The Spirit Soul is Absolute Life. But the expression of this eternal Spirit Soul, our personality self, does have a life with a beginning and an end.

Love and Joy Unto You

Dec, 21, 2019

The greatest of all the Divine Rays, the Ray Of Love came to the Planet Earth at exactly the point in humankind’s evolution when it could begin to be received in the hearts of humanity. In this special Christmas webinar we will speak about that Holy Night when earth received this great initiation of Love blessing all of humanity.

Life beyond Fear

Nov, 21, 2019

In this video, find the Courage not to fear. Fear cast shadows on our personality keeping it from moving onward and upward spiritually and materially!

Fear is something coming from our Subconsciousness – Something that rises to the surface of our conscious mind and troubles us. That something are the elementals that fear based negativity creates.

Passing Over

Oct, 21, 2019

It is clear that we cannot live in a material body forever.

So what really happens when our material body dies? Do we enter a non-existent state? Or do we as a self-awareness pass into a higher level of life? If so then where do we actually go? Is our life easier there? Are there any dangers in the Hereafter? What purpose is to be accomplished in the Hereafter?

Our Spiritual Journey 2

Sept, 21, 2019

In the 3rd of this series of webinars, we will discover more about our three bodies we use during our Spiritual Journey and discuss much more about the etheric doubles of these 3 bodies and give information on the 7 main Chakras or Energy Centers. And we will examine the composition of our personality which operate these 3 bodies, how it is created, what it is composed of, where it is to be found & how it shapes our destiny.

Our Spiritual Journey

August, 21, 2019

We proceed on our Spiritual Journey from exactly where we find ourselves now.  Where we are now is not as important as where we are heading.  But with any journey we must be prepared for what we will encounter as we move forward.

Take Aim

July, 21, 2019

Before going anywhere we must have a clear idea of where we are heading.  Likewise our Spiritual Journey must have a clear direction and aim. Otherwise we can become lost, discouraged or give up our Spiritual pursuits.

The Search Begins

June, 21, 2019

We begin our spiritual search for truth by looking into the external world for spiritual teachings, teachers and gurus. This is necessary in the beginning.   But at some point we realize what we seek is really inside us and we rightly turn within to find the truth.

Prayers of the Archangels

Dec, 21, 2018

The Archangels are always with us, working for and through our material and higher bodies. But how do we bring ourselves into relationship with them?