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NEW! You are the Whale is the fourth and final book of the Swimming with the Whale series on the teachings and practices of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth. To know where you have come from, where you are going, and where you stand right now is such an advantage on your spiritual journey. It gives you confidence and surety that you have placed your feet on the correct path as well as the inspiration to keep going!

You are the Whale, provides this confidence as it leads the reader from the source of the life stream called humanity, to their first incarnations as Adams and Eves, on through their numberless incarnations in the Antediluvian times. It is a journey out and in through the dimensions of light and shadow and back to the source from where it all started.

You Are the Whale sketches the great pinnacles of humanity’s journey, the Separation of Sexes, Reincarnation, the Great Flood, and the Tribulation. It traces humankind’s voyage of self-discovery from Lemuria to Atlantis, into the Egyptian Mystery schools, the Greek Mystery schools and on to the predicament of our current time. It reveals humankind’s struggles to raise their self-awareness and pass through the five levels of consciousness that we all are destined to.

You Are the Whale reveals the most advanced teachings and practices of the Symbol of Life that has been unfolding in humanities awareness since premortal times lifting us onward and upward to our destination of Self-Realization. Although our destination will be the same for all of us, each of us will have our own unique experiences along the way.

Watching the Whale

By Daniel Joseph

Watching the Whale,  by Daniel Joseph,  is the second installment in the Whale Series books on the teachings and practices of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth. In this volume we will focus on the practices (meditations and exercises) from Daskalos’ Esoteric Practices book in depth, the reader will greatly expand their understandings on how to properly engage in the esoteric practices of Daskalos & the Researchers of Truth to have our own direct experiences of the truth of these teachings.

What is Love?

By Daniel Joseph

Divine Love is a singularity.  But human love is a multiplicity ranging in quality from the purest unselfish human love to the most impure distorted selfish human love. Unselfish love heals. Selfish love wounds.  And yet the same word “Love” is used for both.
Come with us as we unravel the mystery of Love and learn what Love really is and what is not.  Find out how to uncover the love deep within you and let it shine brightly through you.
 The truth sets us free, but it is Love that protects us.

Swimming with the Whale - Third Edition

By Daniel Joseph

Swimming With The Whale third edition is part one of a spiritually uplifting journey into the mystical teachings and practices of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth; which are important both in terms of what is being revealed; as well as the exact timing of world conditions in which it was chosen to be revealed. For over 2000 years, these teachings have mostly been hidden from the public, but at this time it is permitted to reveal more.

Diving With The Whale Daniel Joseph

Diving with the Whale - Third Edition

By Daniel Joseph

Diving with the Whale by Daniel Joseph is the third book in the Swimming with the Whale series. It explores deeper levels of the teachings of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth plunging into some of the most advanced teachings on God, Man and the Nature of Reality available anywhere. The information contained within will add much meaning to any seeker’s fundamental search for the truth of who they are what they are, where they have come from and what the purpose of their life is. This book also addresses some of the deepest questions concerning life, love, and the change called death. And most importantly it addresses the cause of suffering, how can we reduce our suffering and live a happier life.