The Inextinguishable Flame of our Hearts

Thank you for supporting Researchers of Truth USA, a 501C3 Nonprofit Educational Charitable Organization.

A single candle flame can light thousands of other candles, creating enough light to illuminate a big city… or even the whole world.

How can you join us to help spread the light of truth?

Every effort counts! Get in touch with us to find out how you can collaborate as a volunteer helping us in some of our projects.

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Make a strong prayer form your hart to the world! Repeat and visualize the following words and meanings:

I pray for a world of light, a world where power is used wisely for the well being of everyone and everything.

I pray for a world of love, a world where humans express divine unselfish love in their words, thoughts and actions.

I pray for a wiser world, a world ruled by clarity and reason, where kindness and compassion are the highest human laws. 


With your Donation (100% tax deductible) you are helping prevail and disseminate Wisdom and Love to many people, through different educational programs and other charitable projects from schools to prisons in North America, and hopefully soon in the whole planet.

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The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charities that customers have chosen (this does not represent any cost to the customer).

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May the flame of your heart continue to spread the light of Truth…

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