"Symbol of Life Seminar October 2023"

Raise your Consciousness & Uplift your Awareness


Researchers of Truth Seminar: Next Steps Ascending The Symbol of Life

In our 2023 Seminar we continued our journey of ascension up the path of light with the practice of the next 4 labors (#5 – #8) of Hercules as we revealed new information about advanced Symbol of Life teachings and practices.  In this seminar you will learn how  to activate the Symbol of Life in you!

 Lessons presented by Daniel Joseph, Meditations presented by AKI

Seminar Steaming: 16 one hour classes: $295
+ $12 PayPal Fee

We are a nonprofit and your payment towards the workshop will be accepted as a donation so you may deduct it from your US taxes, and it helps support other educational programs created to uplift people’s Awareness and raise Consciousness in The World.